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The Humble Wine Label

Australian Wine Label Designer Graphic Packaging.jpg

As a graphic designer living in Margaret River, it’s certainly a dream to service the wine industry and provide label and packaging solutions for my clients. We know a well designed label can greatly influence a customers purchase decision. A survey conducted by revealed that 80% of purchases were triggered by the label.

When I approach this type of project, I am interested in uncovering their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). In other words, what is my clients unique story? Every one has a special story, even if they’re not sure what it is yet.

As the designer, that’s my job to find out!

In some cases a new concept may be immediately obvious, or other projects may require further research to find that interesting element. The next phase is to nurture this discovery through to the label, creating a consistent tone of voice for your brand communication at the point of sale.

We now have our shiny new label but what else can be done to convince our prospective customer to buy this bottle of wine?

It’s referred to in the industry as an embellishment, this can take many different forms for example, embossing, spot UV, foil press and even die cut shapes. With the addition of this design element we are giving our product a better chance of making it out the bottle shop and onto the dinner table… or beach.

Next time you’re shopping for that perfect bottle of wine, ask yourself what is influencing your decisions?

Is it the region of production, the price range, or is it the interesting story through the label?